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SBGS’s has well-equipped laboratories for imparting practical knowledge in Physics, Chemistry and Biology. There are two laboratories for each of the science subjects, one for classes IX and X. The aim of having separate labs is to provide ample time and adequate equipment for every student to perform the experiments as per the ICSE guidelines. All the laboratories are well-stocked with sufficient chemicals, specimens and instruments so that every student gets the opportunity to carry out the experiments individually. Well-qualified and experienced teachers guide the students to explore the world of science through a meticulously planned schedule of practical classes. Moreover, the safety of every child while handling the chemicals and instruments is duly taken care off.


SBGS's has computer laboratory featuring latest systems.


The digital turn in education has been described across a wide range of initiatives and processes. These include the introduction of digital tools and gadgets as a part of the learning environment, building digital archives and repositories of learning and curriculum building, facilitating remote access to education through information and communications technologies infrastructure, improving quality of access to education and learning resources, building diverse and customised syllabi to accommodate for alternative and contesting perspectives, building peer knowledge communities of information and knowledge production, and including non-canonical material and experiences into formal institutions of education. Different locations, contexts, geo-political circumstances, socio-economic factors, and cultural differences influence the spread, rise and integration of digital technologies in mainstream education.


SBGS’s School Sport’s facilities include a lush green Cricket Ground with two turf wickets of International Standard. Moreover this is the only school in the region to have the entire sports complex illuminated with floodlights. There is also a special playground designed for students of the pre-primary section. All the major games, including Cricket, Hockey, Football, Badminton and Kho-Kho are played by the students. Indoor games such as Table Tennis, Chess and Carom Board are available for rainy days. Yoga is taught to the students with an aim to develop a higher level of concentration and flexibility. Hikes, Camps, field trips and study tours are organised regularly to enable the children to explore and to learn pragmatically.



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Green garden for students

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Play Ground for students.

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Fresh water for students

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